The Morley Mysteries


My tomes take place in picturesque Morley, New Mexico where unfortunately it isn’t always a beautiful day in the neighborhood for Ted and his sleuthing posse. Morley?

Suffering a hangover, Ted receives a bad start to a wretched morning when he discovers Calvin Cobb, his former brother-in-law, dead in a SUV parked on his driveway. The whole town goes into denial about Banker Cobb’s grisly murder and it is up to Teddy to discover who shot Calvin. Poor Ted becomes entangled with the evil Taylor sisters and Delia is determined to snatch her boss from their claws, even if she kills him in the process. Ms. Herrera, however, may not have the chance to inflict bodily harm because there is a line of would-be assassins waiting to exterminate her employer.But intrepid Ted valiently survives the harpies’ talons, forges onward and uncovers the shooter and the true murderer.


Ted's Albuquerque Adventure

Ted travels to The Duke City to aid an old friend. penurious scriptwriter and jackass extraordinaire Smithfield Rayburn Nash. Teddy’s college chum is implicated in the gruesome murder of a high-priced call girl. Our diligent sleuth has unwelcomed assistance in his endeavor to clear Smity of the crime. Domestic Director Delia and her pal Marta Sanchez invade Albuquerque and inveigle their way into Teddy’s inquiries. Sexy Detective Rosario Vega is not pleased when Morley’s Hercule Poirot and his cohorts usurp her investigation and solve the case. Once again, poor Ted is left out in the cold romantically.

Midnight in Morley

Ted’s webmaster and surrogate nephew, studly Jaime Herrera, spuriously confesses to the macabre murder of businessman Junior Salazar, his wealthy fiancée’s stepson. Uncle Ted must find the real killer before someone takes the boy’s confession seriously. Jealousy, lies, sexual peccadilloes and just plain bad behavior threaten to derail the search but Morley’s Poirot perseveres to reveal the murderer and close the case, or does he...

Malicious Missives In Morley

Someone is writing poisoned pen letters about Morleyites and Hector Slimkine editor of Morley’s new scandal sheet is prominently featuring the malicious missives in his tawdry publication. Murder rears its ugly head and “Slimekin” is the victim. It is up to Ted to unmask and stop the penman before more blood is shed, not an easy task when one wishes to kill some of the detective-wannabes insinuating themselves into your investigation. But is it not all misery for our dedicated sleuth, his love life takes a turn for the better and the holiday season is merry and bright when silver bells ring for Teddy.

Death Of Amour

Love has been in the air for one and all, but finally the poisonous atmosphere and bad karma that plague Morley take their toll. One-by-one sweet love affairs turn sour and murder once more makes a house call. Ted and his posse are faced with a case filled with private lies, public deceit, financial fraud and sexual blackmail tied to religious chicanery on an national scale and heinous crimes perpetrated by international villains. It isn’t easy to investigate a homicide when you are dealing with the demise of a relationship, but our brave sleuth and his nosey cohorts persevere and justice is served, to one and all. Though not as one might expect…

Mistaken Murder

    Prickly Delia Herrera mistakes the masked man in her dining room for a burglar and shoots to kill; unfortunately the intruder is her long-haul trucker husband, Al from Albania, who is paying a surprise visit to his favorite sex kitten.  Poor Ted is pressganged to host the funereal visit of his domestic despot’s sister-wives.  The widows bake the cake from hell for their host and every time Ted turns around he’s served another slice.  Mr. Morley’s inharmonious house party goes off track tout suite and once more chaos reigns in Mansion Morley. Add this domestic unrest to the murder attempts on uber-pregnant ex-wife Marla and Ted isn’t having a bad week, he’s having a bad life.  Tricky twists and unforeseen turns in Ms. Herrera’s ultimate domestic violence case result in a conclusion that shocks, rocks and quakes the town of Morley.  Once the dust from the mushroom cloud settles, a new order emerges on Morley Place.