Death of Amour


   The drive to Vangie’s cabin refreshed my spirit, cool mountain air blew through the vents and Vivaldi played on the sound system.  I was anticipating a special night with my dream girl.  I was totally unprepared for what I found.


   When I rapped my knuckles on the door, it swung open; I thought my ladylove had left the door off the latch and was waiting for me in bed.  I was terribly wrong.


   The living room was trashed, Evangela’s precious leather bound books were strewn across the floor, her desk drawers lay upended on the oriental carpet, her computer was in pieces, the filing cabinet jumbled and files littered the desktop.


   Vangie lay motionless behind the sofa, my dream girl appeared to be sleeping; but of course, she was not.  I remember shouting her name, going to her and getting no response.  A soft breath fogged the crystal of my watch and I detected a faint pulse.  Blood on the hearth alerted me, I then saw that the back of my dear Evangela’s head was a bloody mess, the woman I loved was severely injured.  I dialed 911 but have no memory of making the call.


   The next fifteen minutes were the worst of my life.  I took my beloved’s cold hands in mine and began to negotiate with God and the universe.  I would do anything to save the woman I loved.  Bargaining with the higher powers had always worked before but in my heart I knew this time it would not.  Ted Morley had to pray as he had never prayed before.   I was still praying when the responders arrived.