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About Me

   Growing up in the Deep South I was immersed in story.   My mother read to her sole offspring daily and by the time I entered kindergarten I could read on my own.   Books became my siblings and best friends.  Later in life they became my refuge whenever I needed an escape.  Mysteries are my favorite fiction genre and in the course of my life I estimate I have read well over 4,000.  Eight years ago I decided I should write a mystery and began the long journey that has led me to this website.  It should be noted that writing is in my blood because infamous Elizabethan author George Puttenham is an ancestor; perhaps some of the scurrilous incidents and scalawags in my books come from genetic memory imparted by this rapscallion’s scandal-ridden life.


I have had many incarnations in this life time.  Jobs I have had include:  Sales clerk, telemarketer, loan officer, bartender, teacher, private tutor to absurdly wealthy students, jeweler, shop owner, president of my family’s financial corporation, management consultant , corporate trustee and board member.


I hold a BA from Vanderbilt University and MBA from Tulane.  I am a GIA Graduate Gemologist, a Master Jeweler from the Holland School and a licensed Bartender from the Georgia School of Bartending.  I have also studied at:  Universidad de la Salle, University of Alabama, University of South Alabama, Proyecto Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín, Instituto Allende, La Escuela de Bella Artes and Academia Fotografia.


I have lived in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Guatemala and Mexico.  I travelled all over the continental U.S. working as a management consultant and spent a year working for an educational company in Mexico City.


All of these things listed have made me the person I am and therefore contributed to my books. My writing comes from personal knowledge and it is my duty to the reader, no matter how absurd the scene, to make sure what I write is accurate.


Morley, New Mexico is a real place in my heart and mind and the residents are friends, family and nemeses in my life.  The stories I write are given to me and I take no credit (or blame) for creating these tales.  I simply sit down and type the story.  And since perfection has never been achieved by a mortal conduit, though I understand some authors lay claim to this miracle, a great deal of work is still required once the story is on paper. I proof read and edit and proofread and edit until I am cussing and then repeat the process until the story is polished and ready to be read.  I may be given the story but the words are mine and it is my responsibility to make sure they tell the tale.


My tawdry tales are fun romps through an unlikely mystery inhabited by crazy people whom you may recognize as your own friends, family and nemeses.  I hope you visit Morley, New Mexico which is in reality Anytown, U.S.A. because once you remove the stage props and scratch down into the dirt, all small towns are the same.

I invite you to go to the blog, meet Ted and spend some time in Morley.