Morley, NM


Morley is not an original “New Spain” settlement, my ancestors founded the town just prior to the civil war. They moved west from Texas after rightly figuring that the agrarian South was overmatched in the Northern War of Aggression, cotton bolls are a poor defense against cannon balls. My wise, and perhaps cowardly forbearers, gave up the family plantation and built a fiefdom on the plains. While the town founders spoke a slower version of the King’s English, most of the area residents were of Spanish decent. The regional patois of Northern New Mexico still vies with southern-drawled English as Morley’s official language. Morley now claims a population of 28,462. Our family seat has almost doubled in size in the last few years to the chagrin of my rich relations. Morley’s burghers are upset that “outsiders” are invading our little town. These arrivistes arrive with fresh ideas, new ideas that call for progress which is an ugly word to resolute traditionalists. Many of our newcomers are seeking a better quality of life – even if they have to ensure that it’s available. They’re changing things and Morley, New Mexico is at last becoming a part of the new Southwest. For decades, Morley’s elite aggressively fought all external influence, they feared the loss of their strangle-hold over the local economy, but now the outside world is encroaching upon their territory. My forbearers must be playing turbine in their graves...  THEODORE MORLEY SILVER

About Author Richard Turner

In the past fifteen years while traveling the country as a management consultant, I have read over 4,000 mysteries covering all species of the genre. I told myself I could write my own tome and I did, several, each better than the last but none up to the standard I desired. Difficult as it was, I shelved each of those efforts. For eight long years I have attended workshops and worked closely with my mentors to hone my craft.  I spent most of my time writing, rewriting and editing only working my day job as needed to survive.  At last my books are ready for publication and hopefully will soon be available to the public.  Please hit the blog tab and take a trip to Morley, New Mexico.  If you are anxious to read more, please email me and I will give you the latest update on publication.